Sunday, 8 May 2011

ll Think Twice ll

Here's a first entry from Sapphire, This entry is 
based on someone and she would
like to share about it and hope you fellow readers
will think twice, hence the title.....

Have you ever thought about losing your virginity?
How would it feel and if it's with the right person?
Of course losing it is a big deal, if some of you out
there think it's just nothing then there's
definitely some thing wrong with you.
Did you know that when you get married (for girls
of course),some family will put 
on a white bed sheet
just to make sure that the girl is truly
still a virgin? If you'll lost
your virginity a long time ago
say during your teens years, 
and even if your husband knows
about it, what about his family? 
Are you gonna cut yourself and spread blood
all over the bed? I'm sure
your not willing to do so...
So here's the real story that I'm about to share.

(P.S, I'm trying to write from her point of view)
I never did understand how people could
lose it so easily without feeling
guilty, sad and such about it.
I mean what happen if you did it
with the wrong person? If he
was your husband then it's okay cause
one, people won't talk about it like
your some kind of slut sleeping
around with guys and there's
a legal tie between them. I remember doing it
the first time. It was with my then boyfriend,
it was both the first time for us.

I was really afraid at first cause I knew
what will happen if I lose it and such but
then once we did it, he told me he haven't
pop my cherry. So I was still save but let
me tell you, it hurt even if it wasn't pop.
Let's just say we did it a few times and no it was
not pop by him. Things ended between us
for certain reasons but he still love me
and thinks I'm his girlfriend when in
reality, there's nothing between us anymore
and even though I still love him, I love my
current boyfriend more than him.

Truth be told, my current boyfriend is
my ex boyfriend that I used to date
a few years back but I guess
after all this year I still love him.
When we first got back together, 
we did it and of course it didn't pop
yet. Things got a little overboard when
he told me that maybe my
cherry had pop without my notice.
I was by then had shed a tear that turn into
a crying fit, he ask me if the there was any blood
the first time I did it and I said yes. Thus, he
confirm it saying that it was pop if
I bleed. I was by then couldn't think
straight cause during that stage, everything was
falling apart for me and I felt like
killing myself just so I can
stop the pain and end it swiftly.

My boyfriend then said just think that I
was the one who did it instead of my ex.
By then I really wish he was the one cause
I was afraid if it went out to others
and people would of think of me
differently. No one knows of this,
even my ex. Only my boyfriend and I
are the only one who knows about it. So we,
as in my boyfriend and I met up one afternoon.
We talked about it and one thing
led to another, things got hot and
we end up in the bedroom.
And we discovered that, my cherry wasn't
pop yet but by then it was by him. We
were shock to see so much blood
on the bed sheet that we kinda freaked
out cause again it was so new for us.

I went and wash up and realize that I was
actually given a second chance by god to repent but
I did it again and now every thing's too late.
With regret lingering my head and heart, I went
and help my boyfriend to wash the blood.
After the blood was thoroughly washed,
we talk about it and we're both
we afraid except that I look as if nothing
was happening. We talk it out
for a while but didn't continue discussing
about it till later that night through the phone.
And we came to the conclusion maybe
it was a bit pop and I was still
a virgin. How I hope to god
he was right just to give my mind and
heart at ease. But till today,
I'm still regretting but I'm
somehow glad it wasn't with someone
I barely knew. For it give's me
somehow a little peace even if it's just 
a little, it's still a lot for me.

Moral of the story is, please ladies, never
just give your virginity up just like that and
if your given a second chance, never misuse it
like she did . She had since regret and is living in
fear of people knowing the truth, if people we're
to know of it, she would kill herself or even run away
but she's more afraid of her family's will be ruin
because of her. From my perspective, she's a
very smart girl and had a bright future but because of her
mistake, I'm not so sure, please take this story as
a lesson for us all. Please don't judge this poor girl,
she's really at the brink of insanity.
Let's all pray that the girl will get through it
together and will repent for her


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