About Sapphire


As you all know, this is a shared blog....We're writing
with the intention of not being blogger famous 
or what so ever but just to tell about
our and others experience about life
whether it's love, life or just plain everyday
things anonymously....
With every story that is about to be written
here maybe related to our
life, what we think, feel or
peoples stories but we will not
mention which one is which cause I see no
point in it as we are writing it anonymously.

For me, I'll be writing about anything,
from love, life, problems and secrets that
are what you call "juicy" but I will
not expose the person even if you bribe
me. I'm writing all of this
is not to make fun or make
that person feel ashamed of
the things he/she did but to relate.
Truth be told, my life is anything
but full of challenges like 
everyone out there and I'm
here with the reason maybe you'll
won't make the mistake me(we)
make. Because as you know, 
once done, cannot be undone.

This is our second blog, meaning Morgan
and I have our own blog but we won't tell
you our blog now will we cause
then we won't be anonymous.
There really nothing interesting 
about my other blog cause it's
just more of a complaint,
I think...

Sapphire is just an alter ego that I've created,
Like Morgan, Sapphire isn't my real name, but
just a cover up cause I know it'll be hard
to keep calling someone anonymous all
the time right? Especially with two
of us writing here. My real name
is just plain and well I guess uncommon.

P.S : All the post I'll be posting will
either be full English or a bit of a mix up. At the
end of every entry I will put my
signature so it will be less confusing.